Healthy coral reefs with text overlay stating CCell is now a Solar Impusle Solution
News - 28/01/21

CCell is now a World Alliance Solution

We are proud to annouce our acceptance into Solar Impulse's World Alliance of Efficient Solutions.

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Living Reefs Foundation - Coral Garden Initiative
News - 20/07/19
Research Project, Living Reefs Foundation, Bermuda

CCell has sent a Smart Power Management system out to Bermuda for a study into the effect of electrolysis on the rates of Coral growth.

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Happy team with PTO ready for testing
News - 29/03/19
PTO Lab Testing, National Physical Laboratory

CCell tested a full-scale Power Take-Off unit at the National Physical Laboratory's state-of-the-art facilities.

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Tara Presenting to Belgian Television
News - 15/12/18
UN Climate Change Conference (COP24), Katowice

CCell was selected by the Department for International Trade and the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy to represent the UK's low carbon innovation at COP24.

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Newy deployed CCell-Wave device
News - 20/08/18
Deployed Test Pilot, Mexico

CCell has deployed its first offshore pilot to test different components of its wave energy converter.

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Reversing the Tide Vancouver
News - 17/07/18
Reversing the Tide, Vancouver Canada

We were selected to participate in and present at a conference on ocean health and sustainability in Canada.

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Ocean Summit: The Future of the Oceans
News - 28/06/18
Ocean Summit: The Future of the Oceans, The Hague

We were invited to present our work at the Hague's 2018 Ocean Summit following the final race of the Volvo Ocean Race.

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Dr Goreau presenting BioRock at the SOS Conference of Manado
News - 05/04/18
Ocean SOS conference, Manado, Indonesia

We were invited to attend and present at the Ocean SOS Ocean Tech Summit 2018 held in the heart of the Coral Reef Triangle in North Sulawesi.

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Tara Massoudi presenting CCell at the Sustainable and Tourism Summit in Cancun
News - 14/03/18
Sustainable and Social Tourism Summit, Cancun, Mexico

We were invited to the 2018 Sustainable and Social Tourism Summit in Mexico as one of the keynote speakers, where we also showcased CCell.

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